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Summer 2021

The Franchising Genius of Shelly Sun

In less than two decades, Shelly Sun (HCB, ’92) has built a $569 million home care company, BrightStar Care, using a franchise model to grow from a local business to a national enterprise.
Shelly Sun

"Franchising has given us the opportunity to be local, yet scalable and consistent. This type of growth would have been difficult to achieve as a corporate entity."

A Graduate Success

Ben Weprin (HCB, ’01) had an optimistic vision of success and a talent for leadership. Launched during the economic recession in 2008, Weprin’s hospitality company, Adventurous Journeys, now represents more than $5 billion in holdings.
Ben Weprin

“The college provided me with great opportunities to figure out my passions.” - Ben Weprin



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Cracking the Labor Market

Predicting Businesses' Brain Power Needs Is Possible

From analyzing past talent migration, it’s a short step to predicting future human capital flow.

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