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Employer Sponsorship

Students who are able to use their own organization’s information and who have the support of an internal manager for their thesis project make the greatest impact and get the most out of the program. Focusing the Organization Action Plan on their own workplace requires access to resources such as:

  • Manager approval and attendance at final presentation
  • Financial statements
  • Employees to interview
  • Customers to interview
  • Internal process state information
  • Upstream and downstream customer information
  • Competitor and complementary information
  • Substitute information

Return on Investment

Our ProMBA graduates make a large impact in their organizations. The majority of this comes from the thesis-like Organizational Action Project, in which students examine a key area in need of change at their company and build a plan to improve it.

Haslam’s ProMBA centers around direct application in the workplace, and the formality of a degree program forces employees to take the time to execute major projects. Sending top talent to Haslam’s ProMBA often costs less than professional consultation fees that companies pay to fix such issues, and the projects are approached with greater insight and long-term vision.

Talent Retention

Sponsoring students in the ProMBA is a leadership development and talent retention tool for employers. The program is designed to augment organizations’ talent development and prepare key employees for leadership. Companies note that employees are grateful and loyal as a result of their support, and students’ project work increases organizational ties.

Network of Experts

Pursuing a Professional MBA ensures participants engage with peers at the same stage of their career during the program. Haslam’s ProMBA ensures that graduates build a network of 45-50 colleagues who face similar challenges in the modern business environment.

The ProMBA faculty members are published researchers and experienced practitioners with many years of employment and consulting jobs across numerous industries. The duality gives them a unique capacity to translate business theories into practical application.

Minimal Disruption

Haslam’s ProMBA takes employees out of the office for only two and a half weeks. Participants earn their degree in 16 months.

We accomplish this by assigning homework on the job. Students do not follow the traditional approach of learning in a classroom then practicing on paper at home then finding ways to apply their learning after graduation. They discuss best practices and strategies in the context of their organization and then analyze their own business as part of their assignments.